Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Haiku: Why Should I Worry?

What a splendid day!
A terrific morning to

-Alfred the Dog


  1. O MY Dog that was fun to watch.
    Have a super dooper weekend.


  2. Our Pittie Layla does the same thing with her blankie. It is so cute. You adorable Alfred. Have a great weekend.

    -Diane G.

  3. Alfred's blabnket sucking may literally be the most endearing thing in life. I've told you before my Hades chews our comforter if another dog is getting attention or if we stop paying attention to watching this video I'm thinking it's more like sucking, just like Alfred! How cute! We should get them together to share a blankie. ;)

  4. It's so cool that he doesn't un stuff the pillow! Our punks would have that pillow spread across the living room in no time.