Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Baby Pictures

Every now and then M and I will lament the fact that we never got to know Alfred as a puppy. Based on his ridiculously adorable appearance as an adult facts, we can only conclude that he would have been a fabulously smooshable one. 

Alfred's best "puppy dog eyes"

Bruce Wayne, on the other paw, has a plethora of adorable pup pictures which we can always look back upon and squeal with delight as we recall the day we fell in love with those monster maniac ears and his sweet puppy disposition.  

I tried searching the web for pics of pups that might resemble what Alfred may have looked like years ago, but I'm pretty sure nothing that cute exists in photographic history. While still cute, the best I could come up with was these two puppies combined.

photos courtesy of

Even though we don't have any puppy pictures of Alfred, I'm glad that we have the opportunity to take many, many more family photos in the years to come. That, and we can make up hilarious back stories of what he might have done as a baby flopping around on his back and showing his little round baby belly, or sucking a baby-sized blanket with his floppy puppy lips. I may need to hire an artist to come up with an Alfred puppy rendering...that would be fantastic.  


  1. I was just telling someone how I google "american bulldog puppy" once in a while to find pictures of what I think Lola looked like as a puppy.

  2. Bruce Wayne was SO CUTE! Those pics you found on the web look so much like Alfred! I often wonder what Maize looked like and acted like as a puppy...or where her puppies are.

  3. Since we didn't know our dogs as puppies either we love to pretend as well! I picture Braylon as as squat little puppy chasing all her litter mates with her huge bat ears that were probably bigger than her body, and I picture Hades as a wrinkly little pudge ball who was the biggest "baby" of the litter.
    I can conclude that Alfred was probably so cute he would reduce grown men to tears and squeals.