Monday, March 5, 2012


Alfred and Bruce are so grateful for having found a loving home that they are always looking for ways to give back to those who help rescue dogs like them. Just recently, they talked me into purchasing some new collars from Sirius Republic, a California-based company who donate a portion of their proceeds  to animal rescue organizations around the country (and even include FREE embroidery for Adoptable Dogs).  Alfred isn't one for words, so he let Bruce do most of the could I say 'no' to this??

pleeeeeaaaaaaaase, Mom

Sirius Republic had just recently created a line of collars to benefit a "pit bull type dog" rescue in Austin, TX called Love-A-Bull, and I instantly fell in love with their Texas-inspired designs.  I was trying to hold out on buying new collars until Spring, but with all of the unseasonably-warm weather in Chicago this year I must have gotten confused and ordered them a couple of months early...whoops. :)

Alfred picked out the Hippie Hollow 

and Bruce selected the more sophisticated Enchanted Rock

They make quite the dynamic duo!

we look so good
You may have also noticed the adorable Austin duo modeling their Love-A-Bull collars on the Sirius site: you can read more about them here.  


  1. too cute. great models you have there.

  2. Those are some really nice looking collars! I got a gorgeous Sirius Republic collar for my foster dog Sandy; holding off on new dog purchases for a while now:) But they do have some gorgeous designs!

  3. I love the collars, too! Everybody in Dog Blog Land seems to be obsessed, and I am no different!